Location: The Jubilee Institute Amman, Jordan

Time: 9am-4h30pm

Age group: 14-16 years 

Daily Program:
Math & Chess: In association with Echecs et Math: Teaching Math through Chess strategies.
Robotics:  In partnership with the international First Lego League (FLL): Through interactive hands-on workshops,the participants will learn how to design, build and program their own robots in order to perform specific missions. Each participant will be provided with the required robotics kits and software.
♦ Electronics: Interactive introduction to basic Electrical & Electronics Circuits and their components. The participants will be provided with the relevant electronic circuits and boards.  
Formula 1: In partnership with the international nonprofit "Formula 1 in Schools". An innovative and hands-on introduction to Engineering. 
Team Sports: Soccer with National Team of Jordan Master Coach. Swimming with Master Coach and Lifeguards. 

♦ Art: Wall mural & Canvas painting taught by renowned artists. Emphasis on collaborative teamwork.
Field Trip: Participants visit Amman Museum of Science

The summer camp takes place at the Jubilee Institute. The participants have access to:
   1.      Fully equipped robotics and technology labs.
   2.      Cafeteria.
   3.      Indoor/outdoor sports complex .
   4.      Participants are offered a nutritious hot lunch. 
   5.      Camp uniforms provided.


   1.  Expert coaches from JCEE lead each workshop.  
   2. International and local youth volunteers assist the coaches.

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